Having recently established an Eco-Warrior Club, Northdown Primary School has been striving for an Eco-friendly environment. Since October of 2018, the team have been organising an Eco Week. From Monday 18th March 2019 to Friday 22nd March 2019, it’s finally taken place!

Starting off with simply recycling more and picking up litter on the school grounds, we have now progressed to going to the following local areas to help clear them of any unwanted waste:

* Northdown Park
* Dane Park
* Botany Bay
* Margate Beach
* Viking Bay
* Joss Bay

As well as this, KS1 have been researching endangered animals and using researched information to create fact files; whilst the upper years have been utilising various recycled materials to create projects such as model Windmills, collages and writing persuasive texts on upcycling.

The entire school has been educated on the subject of plastic pollution. We have discussed how many marine animals are dying every year-over 1 million to be exact- which is why we are donating nearly 6,000 bottle caps to lush as part of a collaboration. In addition to learning about this world wide issue we have also discussed, deforestation, years 3 and 4 have had numerous debates and role playing as believers of both sides of the argument.

A young boy from Juniper (year 3) stated with a smile from ear to ear ‘I felt like a recycling superhero helping my town to escape the evil plastic!’. Teachers explained that they loved seeing the students enjoying helping out- they even helped out too!

We have plans to ensure our place as a Green Flag School, as we continue to make decorations, wildlife homes, water bottle planters and generally recycling more. Will you join us?

Written by Bethany and Eliza (year 6)