Creative and Challenging Chilton

The importance of a stimulating learning environment has long been a top priority at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

Challenging pupils to meet aspirations and ambitions as they develop during their educational journey through the school from Reception to Year 6 is part of everyday life.

Pupils are encouraged to celebrate their skills and enjoy the wider aspects of learning, and this aspect was highlighted during the recent Ofsted inspection.

In her detailed report Ofsted inspector Margaret Coussins praised Head of School Kate Law and the senior leadership team. She stated:

“You work with a relentless determination to instill a culture of high aspirations, expectations and achievement. You successfully motivate and inspire pupils and staff who share your ambition and work hard to live up to the high expectations.”

Chilton also holds special focus events and the recent spotlight on challenge and creativity within abroad and balanced curriculum which capture the broad range of learning that takes place throughout the year.

A snapshot walk through the school during this event highlighted Reception children enjoying an audio book in their feature book corner, while Year 1 were exploring the world of traditional tales using ‘The Jolly Postman’ and writing in role.

Year 2 were exploring music and learning about notation, while in Year 3 pupils dress as explorers testing their boats.

In contrast, Year 4 were creating colourful and challenging work inspired by the iconic style of pop artists, while years 5 and 6 were making and then playing their own attacking and defending games.


Head of School Kate Law said:

“The broadest and most diverse learning possible is something we feel is essential to enable our pupils to meet and surpass their aspirations. It creates well-rounded young people who can move on to the next stage of education with a range of skills, self-confidence, high ability levels and an inquisitive desire to explore learning – it is the Chilton way.”

Chilton Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School in Broadstairs and Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Thanks to Chilton Primary School for showing us the importance of a stimulating learning environment, we love to see how your pupils are encouraged to celebrate their skills and enjoy the wider aspects of learning. Well done for your recent positive Ofsted inspection too!

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