Santa made an early visit to Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate this year.

He stopped by in his sleigh to collect a huge collection of toys, gifts and presents that had been donated by the school community and families.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said:

“There was a huge pile of Christmas presents in our hall and Santa had to squeeze them onto his sleigh because there were so many.”

They were collected by Father Christmas on behalf of Ramsgate Rotary Club, and both the club and Mr Stokes paid tribute to “the outstanding generosity of the Newington parents and families.”

The Ramsgate Rotary Club festive sleigh is making numerous collection visits around the town.

Club President Graham Larcombe said:

“This is our main collection time in support of the various charities we help during the year and I am sure local residents will be as generous as ever. We also look forward to many children and young people  turning out to greet Santa.”