Claire’s What You Call My Life  Blog reviews Screen Free Week

We, ok sorry … I decided that our family should take part in Screen Free week, which took place last week (1st-7th May).

As a rule, in our house we have strict TV and Tablet time, In the mornings the TV only goes on during a Saturday morning for a few cartoons, catch up of grand designs and football focus (other programmes are available!). From Monday to Thursday the TV doesn’t go on in the evenings for the little ones but us older ones have been slipping a bit and have been vegging in front of the TV once the younger ones are in bed, however I have noticed that as we are sitting in front of the TV we all have our phones out playing games or trawling Facebook, not communicating, not connecting just random people sitting in a room together. I became aware of how much time we spend on our mobiles and computers, the boys aren’t allowed their tablets until Friday night and dependant on their behaviour, but my husband and I and elder children are constantly connected to our phones I hadn’t realised how much until now. It takes a week of really trying not to, to realise how much you actually do do!

The first day of Screen free week fell on Bank holiday Monday, you would have thought I had told them their lives were over, ‘but it’s Bank holiday’ you hear them whine (including the hubby!) They were planning to spend the day vegging in front of the TV eating Easter Eggs, (yes, we have loads left, I really am that mean mummy- no TV and hiding Easter eggs!)

I held my ground, this is our chance to reconnect I begged, ok they all said we will try.

We had a lovely day playing board games, chatting and laughing, and enjoying the silence, every time my daughter got her phone out the younger boys shouted, ‘Screen Free Week!’

This continued most of the rest of the week, we played board games and cards and read books, the family won’t admit it but everything was calmer and more relaxed, the arguments decreased, bedtime was easier and we all really connected.

Unfortunately, the whole total no screen thing only lasted until Friday, the family (the hubby) gave up Friday eve and played his game on his phone, at which point I picked up my phone and trawled Facebook. Coincidence I’m not sure but I had an awful night’s sleep that night.

Screen free week is now over, I for one really enjoyed it and I hope that the family did too even though they will never admit it.

I will keep up my belief that the big depressing black box in the corner is not needed and continue to encourage the board games… we will have family time even if the family don’t want to.