Here we are again at the end of the summer holidays, this one has been particularly fabulous, the weather has been amazing, and it seems to have lasted forever, I must admit to really enjoying this summer and being a little sad its over!

At the beginning of the holidays I like many other mothers out there, trying to do our best and be the perfect kind of mother for our children, read an article about how we only have 18 summers with our children, just 18! Sounds so few when you say it like that, I know factually it is true, but I am not sure that’s the way we should look at it.


My eldest son will be 20 next month and I certainly had some great times with him this summer, and they are not over yet as he doesn’t go back to university till October, my 18-year-old spent most of the summer holidays with us and again we had some great times.  In fact, I can take it further than that at nearly 40, I had some of my best days of the summer with my parents, sister and her family.

So, yes by the time our children are 18 the things they wish to do with us may be different, but that doesn’t mean it has to end there, we adapt, we change and perhaps do something different… or do we?…

We are lucky to be surrounded by some of the best (in my opinion) beaches in the country, places we made the most of in this fabulous weather, and whilst there we ate sand sandwiches, we played cricket on the beach, we built sandcastles and sand cars, we played in the sea, we toasted marshmallows,  we chilled, relaxed, laughed and relished in each other’s company from the youngest (5) to the eldest (84) and enjoyed all the same things together.

We stayed local this summer, partly from the fact that at 7/8 months pregnant I was advised not to venture far away and partly because why go anywhere else when we have so much on our doorstep?

We had what feels like a jam-packed summer, from beaches, Folk week, Carnivals, Cinema trips, meals out, family gatherings, birthdays, day trips, library visits, shopping and playing. To moving to a new house at 8 months pregnant … seriously…but that’s a whole other story!

We also had time to chill, to curl up on the sofa watching films, to baking together, to climbing into bed in the mornings for an extra story, jumping in puddles in the rain, playing board games. All those little things that seemingly in the eyes of the perfect world don’t seem to matter, those are the things I will cherish from our summer, those are the memories I will keep well beyond their 18 years.