We recently visited Frankie and Friends to have a family portrait taken

This week we went and spent the morning with the fabulous Ralph Hope at Frankie and Friends Photography. Our eldest son is 18 now, off to Uni in September (fingers crossed) for both him and his sister the opposite sex is on the scene and long-term relationships will be on the cards soon enough.

I have very few photos of the seven of us and getting a professional one has been on my to-do list for a while.

We met Ralph about a year ago and instantly clicked, recently he took our professional headshots for the company, I am not keen on having my photo taken but by the end of the session we were laughing, relaxed and yes, I will admit it, having a great time.

Photographing seven individuals is no mean feat especially when the youngest is 4 and as soon as a camera appears pulls the most amazing faces.

Now to get the family there in the first place was a challenge, we first booked in back in October, but the youngest face planted the floor two days before we were due and left a lovely mark right across his face.

Ok, so we needed to rearrange, after considering, hospital appointments, holidays, sporting fixtures, work commitments, social commitments, school commitments etc. the only date available was a Wednesday mid-Easter holidays.

So, there we go date booked, now to keep everyone in one piece, Rugby match Saturday before and the eldest got injured, was ok it wasn’t the face, just shoulder injury that’s fine. A military operation in the build-up – daughter ‘I need a new dress, I have to go shopping’ ah, I really don’t like shopping.

Haircuts for all the boys, hair dyes for the girls especially mine, need to get rid of the grey hair! De-fuzz that beard Daddy!

The morning of, I think the boys wore more hairspray than anyone else, we had such a manic house all morning everyone in and out of the bathroom, trying to keep the little ones clean, it was reminiscent somewhat of the morning of a wedding!

Looking fabulous even if I do say so myself we made our way to Ralph. So far so good, drove to Canterbury, parked up, had change for the car park- bonus! walked round to the studio! BANG- Right outside the studio youngest walks into a lamppost, you couldn’t make it up.

Ralph, as usual, was fabulous, a cup of tea on arrival, boys played with the convenient corner of toys he has. Everything was calm and relaxed no rushing, so accommodating, lots of chatter about what we wanted, styles and combinations, I glimpsed some fabulous photos as we went along.

I tried to remember the tricks he taught me when we had our headshots done, I’m so now the professional. He got the middle one to do as he is told, the youngest to smile, and everyone to shine. We had a really enjoyable family morning and can’t wait to see the final product.

Thank you, family, Thank you, Ralph.