Last week was a week where music filled all the Primary classes at Laleham Gap School. The school had a fun-packed week of music when 2 musicians set up residence there for a week, culminating in a brand new song!

The two musicians (Mark and Liz) were from Jessie’s Fund. During the week they ran mini-projects in practically every Primary class. In Bobcats the children produced music as a story; in Tigers with iPads; Leopards became an orchestra and Jags and Panthers conducted for the musicians to perform!

Moreover, each class wrote a verse for a brand new school song! This all came together on Friday to an amazing performance in front of over 30 parents.

The school looks to promote a wide variety of creative and artistic aspects to develop the whole child. Amy Howard The music Teacher at Laleham School, who was responsible for organising the special week said “It was such a stunning success. The pupils loved it. It was beautiful to see them working collaboratively with the musicians. The children fizzing with ideas and Jessie’s Fund musicians providing the framework for them to compose and express themselves.” The relaxed, calm and growing environment meant the children were very comfortable with both the dress rehearsal and performing their new song in public.

As Amy Howard put it “Over this week the children have got to explore, experiment and now perform musically. It has been a really special music experience and music is so important as a part of a child’s education.”

Of course, it is not only on special weeks music takes centre stage at Laleham Gap School. The Music Teacher runs a choir, two bands and regularly builds in performances with other schools.

Laleham Gap School is a Special School for children with autistic spectrum and speech and language disorders.

Jessie’s fund is a group of musicians with a mission. Their mission is to bring music to special schools and bring it in such a way the children explore and experience music with the emphasis on inspiration.

The school also runs music collaborations as part of KSENT (Kent Special Education Needs Trust). It will be part of a music project in February and we will let you know about this.

Laleham Gap School’s motto is: Learn, Grow, Succeed.

Please would you pass on our most enormous thanks to every pupil and member of staff in the primary department at Laleham Gap. We really did have a very special week and there is so much that will live for long in our memories, but perhaps at the very top of the list is the care, trust and respect between everyone involved. Teams of pupils, teams of staff and teams of staff and pupils working together. It was wonderful to observe and to be a small part of for the week.

Musically there was so much: I really enjoyed all of the pieces that we made together. You all did a really  great job.

In short, Laleham Gap made us the best that we can be. Thank you, Laleham Gap.

Liz and Mark