I went to Maidstone museum with my Mummy and daddy. There is always lots to see and do I always spot something new.

There are stuffed animals, an art gallery, local history and an Egyptian mummy. An Egyptian mummy is the body of a person that has been preserved after death. They were any Egyptian who could afford to pay for the expensive process of preserving their body for the afterlife.

There are stools you can stand on to see into the cabinets.

It is not a boring museum where you can just look at things, there are some signs that say please touch!  Such as some of the fossils in the Dinosaur area. You can dress up in the dress-up area, look out for the liquorice allsorts design dress design on show. There is an area you can dig for fossils. There is sand in a big tray you need to brush off the sand to see the fossils that have been hidden there, there are a couple in there. There is also colouring and children’s books to look at in this area.

You can take part in Spikes trail looking around the museum for letters that make up a word You get a prize! At the moment it is a penguin trail and the prize is a badge.  This is also worth a children’s university credit if you complete the trail.

It is part of the wheels of time scheme, there is a café on-site toilets and a gift shop.

Entry is free

My favourite part of the museum is digging in the sand for fossils and spikes trails.

By Sophie aged 7