The Defibrillator, a life saving piece of equipment, has been donated to St. Ethelbert’s by Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, parents and grandparents of children who attended St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School in the past 90 years.

A defibrillator can jump-start somebody’s heart if needed. A defibrillator can cost up to £1,438.80.

Some of the staff has been given training on how to use it, from a qualified First-Aid teacher. Did you know that for a child you use different pads from that you use for an adult? Did you also know that if a man has a very hairy chest you have to shave it with a razor and shaving foam? The computer in the Defibrillator will not work if the person does not need it. The computer also tells you what to do.

I interviewed the head teacher: “How do you feel about having a Defibrillator in your school?”

Mr. Letts replied: “It is a very generous gift which can save a child’s life in the school, as well as the adult’s.”

The main reason in the Defibrillator is to save someone’s life because the computer tells the First-Aider what to do, rather than waiting for an Ambulance to arrive, which can usually take up to 8 minutes.

The local community thanks Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and hope that it will save many, many lives in the future.

This is the type of defibrillator that has been donated to St. Ethelbert’s:

By Jacob, yr6