A while ago, I met with Andy Mills, Margate RNLI Community Safety Officer, to discuss ways that we could work together to help promote Water Safety around our coastline. As a former lifeguard, this is a subject close to my heart and our meeting was very positive.

Andy has very kindly allowed us to share his regular RNLI blogs on our website.

Here is his latest offering … we hope you enjoy it.

This blog will highlight the importance of checking the tides before you embark on a lovely walk along the coastline. So, over the Bank Holiday weekend our lifeboat crews in South-East Kent dealt with two incidents of persons getting cut-off by the tide at Dumpton Gap, close to Broadstairs.

Handing out doggie treats and safety leaflets at Dumpton Gap

The first incident took place on Sunday 1st April, when a lady and her two daughters were cut-off by the tide at around 11:23am and rescued by the crew of Ramsgate’s Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) with Margate’s ILB who were on exercise at the time, who stood-by for support.

The full report can be found via Ramsgate RNLI’s Facebook page.  The second incident took place at 12:01pm on Monday 2nd April, when Ramsgate’s ILB was launched to a report of a lady and a dog cut off by the tide.

Arriving on scene, the lifeboat crew were informed via the Coastguard that the lady and her dog had managed to get ashore and were safe and well.

The lady, a local person, also a strong swimmer reported that she had never seen the tide come in as fast before. Both incidents could have turned out much worse, we want everyone to enjoy their trip to the coast. Please share the important safety messages we have discussed in this blog and follow the top tips below:

Our top 5 tips on how to stay safe at the coast

                         How to call the Coastguard


by Andy Mills, Margate RNLI