Every Friday Laleham Gap has a celebration assembly. This Friday they had more than usual to celebrate when they said congratulations to every one of their Year 11s for their work experience placements.

Laleham Gap prides itself on being about the whole child and preparing pupils academically and socially to succeed in life. The placements this year were as geographically spread as they were occupationally diverse. With placements across Kent in Ashford, Faversham, Maidstone, Dover, Folkestone, Thanet and even out of county. Pupils ended up in offices, at Parliament, a post office, zoos, and stables, restaurants, in councils, fixing computers, at Football Clubs, a hair salon, researching at Canterbury Cathedral, painting steam trains, being an electrician and welding.

Mr Sam Parkin, the School’s 14+ Lead explained “Our core offer at Laleham Gap school is all about the individual child. The diversity of placements this year demonstrates that.”  Alongside congratulating the children Mr Parkin thanked the numerous staff who were engaged with enabling the placements. “It was lovely to see the amazing success stories that came from the placements.”

Success stories included several pupils being invited back for further placements and / or job offers. Others gained recommendations for their CVs. Pupils were almost universally praised by employers and placements for their helpfulness and being the best pupil they have ever had. One was told he was such a gifted welder the tutor would love to have him back and would recommend him to any other employer his work was so good. One pupil was described as “the most employable lad I’ve ever had.”Several pupils made massive leaps in their independence, travelling on their own for the first time, etc

Headteacher Les Milton said “The school motto is Learn, Grow, Succeed. I can think of no better example. Our pupils engaged in many wonderful experiences. Their confidence, independence, and esteem has visibly grown, amidst all these amazing success stories. Such an impressive set of placements.”

Laleham Gap School is a Special School for children with autistic spectrum and speech and language disorders.

Due to the effort and commitment required not all Secondary schools continue to provide a full week of work placements. LGS believe it to be an essential part of their offer. As Headteacher Mr Milton explains in the welcome section on our website LGS measures its success by how our children are prepared to and develop as adults, not just exam results.

Laleham Gap School’s motto is: Learn, Grow, Succeed.