News from Chilton Primary School

Each term children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate celebrate one of the school’s core values.

The current theme running up to Christmas is ‘kindness’ and pupils from all year groups are really entering into the spirit of things.

Teacher Michaela Gale, who is Wellbeing Lead at the school, said:

“The children were learning how to be good learning partners, how to collaborate and help their peers with learning.”

To bring the whole school together, a Random Acts of Kindness board was created. Each envelope contained a different act, such as helping a teacher or asking their parents about how their day has gone.

Mrs Gale added:

“Children were invited to choose ‘acts’ from the board throughout the targeted Kindness Week and then this continued on throughout the term.

It has been a great success – there has been such a wonderful atmosphere within the school, with teachers noticing how much kinder and respectful children were being.

It really boosted morale and self-esteem. The children reflected on their learning during assemblies with our Head of School Mrs Law.”

Each class also displayed home learning work to celebrate the value through creative artwork with inspirational quotes and other ways that can be used to demonstrate kindness.


Head of School Kate Law said:

“Chilton’s core values are extremely important to our children and staff. They are apparent in everything we do all year, but each term one particular value is highlighted and children focus on it with learning differentiated for each age group.”

The Chilton core value for the first term of 2019 is ‘courage’. The other values are ‘respect’ and ‘equality’.

Chilton Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Thank you to Chilton Primary School for this article on kindness. Kindness is something us as adults really need to focus on and do more in everyday life so it’s great to see the children starting this off as we can now follow in their footsteps!

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