I am immensely proud and humbled to have been nominated and then made it as a finalist in two categories to the Kent Women in Business Awards 2018

I say ‘I’ but it’s not really ‘I’, it is our team and I represent us, my team says we wouldn’t be where we are today without me, I am sure they are not just sucking up, I am pretty sure they mean it and think that it is true, however, the truth is the complete opposite I wouldn’t be where I am today without the team I have around me. My opening statement to the judges was ‘I’ve built a very strong, dedicated, passionate team around me who are continuing to strive to enable us to get better and better inspiring our youth and community.’  Our team motto is ‘Teamwork makes the Dreamwork’ Honestly it is, ask any of the team ?. We not only promote positivity in our magazines and on our website, we encourage it in our office too.

The two categories I have made it to the final in are Start-Up Business of the Year and Contribution to the Community Award.

We have had a fantastic first year as Educational Life CIC and learnt so much about us and our community around us, we have challenged ourselves, taken leaps of faith and grown further than any of us would have imagined.

We are very proud to be so involved in the community and are inspired by meeting some wonderful people and groups. In the latest edition of our magazine we tried to mention everyone we have met, worked with, formed relationships with and joined with, it was difficult trying to get it to fit in the magazine. We continue to form those relationships and are fast becoming the go-to hub of the community, which is one of our goals.

To be named a finalist in two categories is no mean feat, there are some fabulous businesses and businesswomen in Kent, some of which I know, so to make it to the final eight twice is fabulous and as I said humbling.

I am very much looking forward to the Awards night on 9th March, where I will get to meet some amazing women and share in the celebrations, we will see what happens on the night. In the meantime, I am grateful that the work we are doing has been recognised as we continue with our Mission ‘To empower and inspire our community by sharing good news stories and information’

Now, what am I going to wear…