Wednesday 2nd August 2017 was a wonderful day for the Educational Life team and our families. Despite the overcast weather, we travelled up to Rochester in convoy to meet Alan Faulkner, as he kindly offered us the opportunity to find out more about what the team at Kent & Medway Road Safety Experience are teaching our communities.

The Road Safety Experience team have been going into schools and opening their doors to young people, schools, probation teams and ex-offenders, as well as our public service teams, in an effort to increase awareness and educate everyone about staying safe on the roads. The experience is free and is constantly developing to incorporate more interactive learning to keep people engaged and to make an impact.

The experience was certainly educational and had a significant effect on our team.  Our group was made up of children, young adults and grown ups and although the tour is normally aimed at people aged 14+ it was adapted to be suitable for our little ones.

As soon as you walk through the door the stark reality of why you are there hits you. You’re greeted by the scene of an accident involving two cars. It is not staged – it is a recreation of a documented crash and is designed to show you the consequences of our everyday choices.


There was a video screening at the beginning which was only shown to the older members of the group because of its graphic content, but all other parts of the experience were suitable and interactive.

Jack, 11 – Year 6 Leaver of St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary and due to start at Ursuline College in September:

We don’t want to ruin the experience for you but there were so many interactive learning games to show everyone why it gambling with your safety does not end well.

Spatial Awareness:

On the road, people can be in such a rush that they do not pay full attention to their surroundings. This game showed us how to give way and why a little patience can keep you and your loved ones safe.

Zero Tolerance = Safety

Being under the influence when trying to drive is extremely dangerous. These goggles simulated the sensations of being drunk or high – trying to walk across (or even step onto the beam, to begin with!) was very difficult…

The biggest lesson for the adults in the group also related to zero tolerance. It was staggering to learn that the majority of drink drivers are now caught the morning after the night before. We put our hands up for not knowing the reality of how long you should wait between finishing your final alcoholic drink and getting back in the car. Zero tolerance is definitely the best option from now on, even if this lot are starting young…

By drinking or putting yourself under the influence of substances you are reducing your awareness and putting yourself and others at significant risk. Road Roulette was designed to show you how risky you are on the road and show you how likely you are to cause an accident and how to change this to be safe. Gambling with your life and the lives of others is not acceptable.

Overall, our time at Kent and Medway Road Safety Experience was invaluable. Each of us took something from it and we all learnt a lot about how to stay safe – as a driver or as a passenger.

We are all responsible for keeping one another safe and that might mean being wise enough to say “No” or keeping quiet when someone is driving so that they can concentrate.

This was highlighted with the distraction activity. One person had to try to complete the challenge without hitting the wire and making it buzz, whilst everyone else had to give it some welly to distract them… do you distract easily? You’d be surprised!

What did you learn from today?

Mia, 5 – St George’s Foundation Primary School                           Thomas, 4 – St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School









John “From start to finish it was eye opening. At times it was like a wake-up call, especially the video at the beginning – particularly the shocking end to it.”

We thoroughly recommend the experience and would love to organise a trip, please get in touch and we will put you in contact with Alan and the team.