My name is Joshua, I am 9 years old. At the beginning of March I found out about the Harvey Hext Trust – A Sibling’s Wish, a charity which gives personalised memory boxes and ‘Harvey Bears’ to children who have lost a brother or sister.

I knew I wanted to do something to help, so that very night I sat down and made a plan. I am doing a sponsored 100 book reading challenge for the rest of the year. So far I am on the 10th book and have raised £142. To help one child costs them £200 so that is my fundraising goal.

The last book that I finished was “The Magic Misfits” by Neil Patrick Harris, from Egmont Publishing 2017.

The book is about a boy called Carter who lives with his horrid uncle who is a ‘magician’ aka a thief. Carter runs away on a train.

He finds B. B. Bosso’s circus. B. B. Bosso is horrid.

Carter is starving and takes some food out of a bin, B. B. Bosso accuses him of stealing and tries to force him to join his circus.

Carter makes friends with another child called Leila and a mysterious but kind magician called Mr Vernon. The new friends have thrilling adventures and uncover a dramatic truth about the past.

There are also secret codes in the book which makes it even more awesome. I am not going to ruin the excitement for anyone who has not read the book.  I would rate it 5 stars. I am looking forward to when the 2nd comes out later this September and I will definitely be reading it. 

I would recommend it to anyone who likes magic books and exciting books. My mum read it too and really enjoyed it.

I am blogging about my reading challenge at where I write short reviews about the books and other things I enjoy.