The first meeting of the joint school councils from Upton Junior, Chilton Primary and Ramsgate Arts Primary was a positive platform for sharing ideas.

Young delegates representing their schools, which form the Viking Academy Trust, met at Upton school in Broadstairs to discuss a range of topics and to create a pupil bond between the schools.

The discussion groups listened to each other’s views and shared ideas, with spokesmen gathering information for a feedback session at the end of the day.

The framework questions for the pupils to consider, compare and contrast included what they like most about their school and what could make it even better.

Discussion topics developed throughout the sessions and included school trips; outdoor play equipment; music provision; after school clubs; fund raising; safety and behaviour; friendships, openness and warmth; forest schools; treats and rewards; and getting along well with each other.

The delegates also shared an outdoor play session before settling down to mingle during their school lunch.

Viking Academy Trust Executive Head Teacher Michaela Lewis led the joint meeting. She said: “They pupils take their roles and responsibilities very seriously. It is very good for them to meet children from their partner schools and there were a fantastic amount of positive ideas generated and debated. I think they all came away from the session with new thoughts about their own and each other’s schools.

“The ideas will be fed back to other members of their own school council, the school in general, and staff. The ideas will be listened to and considered – there were certainly some interesting options for us to think about.”

The joint council will meet three times each school year from September.


*For more information contact Heads of School Dave Walker or Darci Arthur on 01843 861393