News from Sandwich Technology School

Sandwich Technology School is proud to announce that it has achieved the full ‘Investor in Careers’ award – a national quality award for its careers education, information, advice and guidance.

Having achieved stage 1 of the award in November 2017, the school’s aim was to demonstrate a commitment to providing impartial, independent careers education, information, advice and guidance to all of its young people.  In seeking to achieve stage 2 recognition, the school actually achieved stage 3 meaning that it had satisfied the criteria for the full award!  The school was described as “outstanding” in its delivery of careers provision to all year groups with an added comment that

“The CEIAG programme at this school is a very strong example of good practice”. 

This really is one of the highest accolades an organisation can receive for excellence in this area of work and the school is incredibly proud.

The school’s Careers Advisor, Sarah Rooke, said:

“As the Careers Advisor at the school, I am thrilled that we have been awarded the Investor in Careers Award.  The full award is external accreditation that everyone at Sandwich Technology School is embedding best practice in delivering, evaluating and continually improving quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to all our students.  We continue in our commitment to improving students’ awareness of opportunities, raising their aspirations and working with them to ensure they achieve their full potential.”

The attached photograph shows our Careers Advisor, Sarah Rooke, with Head Students Layla Crick and Joe Griffiths.

Thanks to Sandwich Technology School for this article and well done for achieving the full Investor in Careers award!