Vattenfall is a Swedish group.    Although one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity and heat, in the UK, Vattenfall is currently recognised for production of renewable electricity.
Vattenfall has been in Kent for nearly 10  years and maintain and operate 145 turbines of the Thanet and Whitstable/Herne Bay Coast.   In 2015 their oldest UK offshore wind farm, Kentish Flats was extended and they are looking to do the same with their largest wind farm in Thanet.
The wind industry is a truly international industry that relies on a high degree of collaboration between organisations and individuals.  Things are evolving quickly, spurred on by the digital revolution and technical innovation and skills are ever increasing.   There are many diverse career opportunities within the industry that contribute to the development and operation of a wind farm and Vattenfall are more than happy to discuss these with any interested students.  We are delighted to be able to sponsor Educational Life and will provide information in future publications on different aspects of our work.  
Melanie Rogers, Kent Local Comms
– “At Vattenfall, we see the next generation as really important in carrying this work forward and it’s great if we can raise aspirations and inspire children in any way to consider the wind industry as a serious career option.    We are about to enter into consultation on our new Thanet Extension Offshore Wind Farm  project and will be seeking feedback from the younger generation during this process.”
If schools are interested in becoming part of this consultation  or would like Vattenfall  to talk to students, please contact Melanie Rogers, Local Communications – [email protected]