Over the course of this week, Year 6 pupils from Primary Schools across the Isle will be visiting Dreamland for the ‘Thanet 2018 Safety In Action’ event. The event, organised by Martin Carter from SALUS, aims to promote safety through a series of interactive presentations.

The event is aimed specifically at Year 6 pupils and focuses upon the dangers they may face as they become more independent as they approach their transition to secondary school. It has been running throughout Kent since the early 1990s, with several thousand children taking part each year. This is the second year Salus has held the event at Dreamland, supported by Thanet District Council and Margate Task Force.

Many organisations are involved in the delivery of the safety presentations throughout the week, with a variety of scenarios set up to challenge the young attendees as they move around the different stations. Organisations involved in the Thanet event this year are as follows …

  • Kent Fire & Rescue: Representatives will be speaking to the young attendees about safety in the home, the importance of smoke alarms, escape plans and what to do in the event of an emergency. There will also be a staged area where pupils can spot potential fire hazards.
  • KCC: Staff from the KCC Road Safety team will be speaking with students about aspects of road safety both as a pedestrian and as a passenger of a vehicle. Road crossing, braking distances and potential distractions are to feature as well as the importance of being seen clearly.
  • RNLI: Members of our local RNLI Education Team will talk to youngsters about Beach Safety, warning signs, the role of lifeguards and what to do in the event of an emergency around our coastline.
  • Kenward Trust: A presentation will take place, explaining about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs. Peer pressure will be discussed and the different types, categories and effects of the substances will be explained.
  • Salus: Staff from the event organisers will be focusing upon online safety. Discussions about online risks, identity protection and the help available to young people will take place.
  • NHS School Nurse Team: The team will be looking specifically at ‘personal space’, understanding what it is and how to deal with situations when they begin to feel uncomfortable.
  • Hopkins+ & Head Start: Ably assisted by volunteers from Royal Harbour Academy’s Sixth Form, demonstrations will be given in Emergency Life Support. The pupils will be taught how to assess for danger, check for a response from a casualty and how to summon help if needed. The youngsters will then be able to practice placing a casualty in the recovery position until help arrives.
  • British Transport Police: General dangers of the railway will be discussed as well as how to summon help if an issue arises. The danger of crossing live rails will be spoken about as well as platform safety.
  • Margate Task Force: The team from MTF will be discussing decision making, specifically choices that could be influenced by others. The prevention of gang influence will be spoken about as well as different strategies for responding to unsafe influence.
  • KCC Early Help/School Liaison Team: The team will be speaking with students about the importance of good school attendance, consequences of non-attendance, records and expectations. Safety will be the main focus – how important attendance it is to know where young people are at all times.

RHA student, Brooke, demonstrates Recovery Position to Year 6 students

Once all the stations were set up this morning, the different agencies and organisations were ready for their first set of visitors.

The first three schools to arrive were Holy Trinity, Margate, Dame Janet Primary Academy and Holy Trinity, Ramsgate.  The pupils were given a brief introduction before being split into groups to start the carousel of presentations.

The young pupils seemed really engaged as they went around the different stations, listening intently and asking questions at every opportunity. It is of credit to the organisers and contributing agencies that the event flowed so well today. There was a lot of information being given out and the youngsters seemed to be lapping it up. If the rest of the week is as well received as the opening session, the event will have been a resounding success,

As well as being incredibly informative, the event has a competitive edge, too, with each school being awarded points as they go around the different presentations. The winners will be announced at the end of the week.

Water Safety with the RNLI Education Team

I remember helping out at a similar safety event when I first started working as a lifeguard (a long, long time ago) and often wonder how many of the youngsters attending would recall the information if they ever needed to. I have no doubt that the lessons learned over the course of this week will be invaluable for these young pupils as they move on to secondary school and beyond into adult life.

It was really great to see so many youngsters engaging with these experts in their respective fields. It was especially rewarding for me to see some of my former students from The Royal Harbour Academy involved with the delivery of one of the presentations. The feedback I heard from pupils and organisers was really positive.

I will be attending the event throughout the week and will update our gallery each evening. For now though, please enjoy our gallery of the first day of this fantastic event and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.

Day 1 Gallery

Day 2 Gallery

Day 3 Gallery