Primary School teams from across the Canterbury area were competing against each other today at the City’s Academy for their annual Handball Tournament.

The tournament, hosted and organised by the Canterbury Academy Sports Partnership, was very well attended and each and every one of the teams looked ready for action as they arrived in the Sports Hall.

Now I thought ‘Handball’ was something you shouted at a football referee to try and con him into giving your team a penalty, but it seems I was very wrong. It is actually one of the fastest growing school sports in the UK and it was easy to see why. The young students seemed to enjoy every aspect of the game – it was fast, frenetic and fun, and everyone had a part to play for their team. The rules were kept simple and this added to the enjoyment and flow of the matches.

Despite the extremely competitive nature of the event, I was struck by the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship that was evident throughout the tournament. Winning and losing teams were quick to offer and accept handshakes at the end of matches and, over the course of the day, friendships were formed.

At the end of the ’round robin’ stage of the tournament the teams were called together to hear the results. Again, all the teams were fantastic as the results were announced and congratulations were offered and received graciously.

A tense play-off final between Chartham and Sheldwich B was hard fought, with Chartham eventually clinching third place.

The overall tournament winners were Blean B team, beating Sheldwich A team in a very competitive and tiring final.

Congratulations to everyone who took part. Each and every one of the teams were a credit to their respective schools.

As with all of these events, a massive thank you must be given to the organisers, the officials and the Young Sports Leaders. Without their continued involvement, these tournaments simply would not be able to go ahead. Thank you.

Please enjoy our gallery of images from the event and feel free to share this page with others who may be interested.