This past weekend, 27th October, called on all kite surfers in the local area to get together for a good cause; the end of season fundraiser for the RNLI.

The local group the Kite Pirates organised the event and set up a JustGiving page to try and raise £1050 by suggesting a £15 minimum donation to all those that wanted to take part and obviously any extra donations through friends and family.

The ride was a one-way route from Whitstable to Margate at low-tide, leaving Whitstable at 8.30am with the expectation for the ride to last about 1.5 – 2 hours. It is roughly 17 miles from Whitstable to Margate but due to tacking, the wind, weather and waves the ride was about 32 miles overall.

There was no skill level necessary to ride meaning anyone could join in but riders had to have a basic to good knowledge of the sport as well as knowing how to perform an emergency pack down. There was a sort-of dress code consisting of Halloween attire but due to the conditions and temperature most thought this was unsuitable as added loose clothing adds massive wind chill, and standing there taking the photographs was cold enough let alone being in the sea for 2+ hours!

It was a spectacular thing to observe, roughly 30 kite surfers coming round the corner all at once with kites of all different vibrant colours and sizes. Only a few sported the dress code though, one man made of muscle, one skeleton and of course a banana..

Well done to all those involved, and a massive congratulations to everyone for reaching the target of £1050. The RNLI is such a good cause, the volunteers put so much time and effort into keeping people safe at sea it’s such a pleasure to see people giving back.

Take a look at the photographs below. Make sure to share with anyone involved and tag us in when you share!