Canterbury Academy hosted a sports event with a difference last Thursday when the Academy Sports Partnership held its first ever Fit & Fun Challenge Day. Local Primary Schools from around the City attended and competed in a variety of fitness and skills circuits.

Now, when I worked in education, there were three questions I asked myself before planning a lesson …..

  1. What do I want the students to learn?
  2. How will I deliver that learning objective?
  3. How can I make the lesson fun?

Now, the first two were always easy ….. the tricky part was making the lessons fun and engaging for all of the students  in the class. This was never more evident for me than in PE lessons.

For many pupils, the mere mention of sport is enough to have their undivided attention and maximum effort for the duration of the session. However, as a Coach, you have to work a little bit harder, and be a little bit more imaginative, if you want to fully engage those who are not as enthusiastic about their PE lessons. The event at Canterbury Academy last week really struck that balance well.

The emphasis was very much on fun and enjoyment, whilst ensuring a dynamic, high-paced, competitive set of activities were delivered. I was tired just watching. After a quick round of demonstrations from the Academy’s fantastic Young Sports Leaders and an energetic group warm-up, the event as underway.

The teams completed a large circuit of activities that included various speed, endurance, skill, co-ordination and relay challenges. At the end of each challenge, the scores were calculated by the Leaders and added to the teams’ totals. When not actually participating, team members could be heard cheering and encouraging their friends as each school tried their best to gain the highest scores possible.

As I walked around speaking with the young team members it was clear the main objectives of the afternoon had been met in abundance. In between all of the fantastic hard work of the determined youngsters, beaming smiles could be seen as everyone began preparing for the next challenge that awaited them.

The event flew by and it was soon time to read out the team totals. Each team were recognised for their efforts with the highest performing pupils being congratulated and cheered by their peers ….. it was great to see.

As is usually the case with these large, multi-school events, the Young Sports Leaders played a prominent part in its delivery. They were absolutely fantastic, and the event simply could not have taken place without them. I spoke with all of the Leaders after the event and they seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the Primary School kids participating. I think I even persuaded a few to sign up with Educational Life as Young Reporters.

I would like to thank everyone involved n the event for making me feel so welcome and I’m already looking forward to the next event ….. Dodgeball.

Please enjoy our gallery of the event and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.