They have only been back at school a matter of weeks, so much so the uniform still looks reasonable, no holes yet or permanent marker on the shirt and the shoes still look polished and unscuffed.

However, those dreaded words have already surfaced, nits and lice, already the text messages and notes home have started ‘Please check your child’s head tonight. There have been reports of head lice.’

My poor children every time they sit near me I’m there checking through their hair like some deranged maternal mountain gorilla! Personally, I religiously comb my hair through every time I wash it, so petrified am I of these dreadful things.

Unfortunately, when your children are at school it is a part of everyday life, so how on earth can we get rid of them? I have asked myself this very same question every year for the past 15+ years and every year it’s the same battle, my neighbours must think that some sort of exorcism is happening in my bathroom every couple of days, seriously the kids think its torture, they have no idea!!

In the interests of my sanity and this article I did some research and some testing, (not on animals) on my children.

First off, we need to combat some myths,

  1. Lice cannot jump or fly, they crawl, the most common way they spread is through head to head contact.
  2. Lice only like dirty hair, they really don’t care, dirty or clean hair is fine by them they are not picky.
  3. Lice prefer long hair, again no not really, they don’t care, short hair is just as appealing.
  4. If your child itches then they have Lice, this is not true, your child or any child could be itching for any reason.

So how do we get rid of these unwanted visitors?

Do we need to shave our children’s heads? No, we don’t need to be that drastic, there are plenty of other things we can do, it is just a case of persevering.

There are loads and loads of remedies out there often rather expensive, delousing can cost a fortune, don’t forget they have evolved over a million years to survive everything we throw at them, tricky little suckers! So sometimes it can be a case of trying lots of things and varying it up every now and then to keep them on their toes!

The common theme with every remedy seems to be the good old nit comb method is needed, you can take the non-pesticide route and keep combing with a special nit comb every couple of days when the hair is wet. Some people prefer using normal hair conditioner, some tea-tree oil, or some over the counter remedies, whichever is best for you, experts differ on what they suggest.

However, whichever way you choose to do it combing is the key, every couple of days, cleaning the comb in very hot water between each sweep and preserve.

I wish you luck and will think of you when I am torturing my children with the comb!


Have you got a remedy or a trick to stop them in your house? Share them with us, so we all may succeed.

To those of you who thought that this article would be about how to get rid of those other unwanted visitors, you know of the in-law type, I apologise and do not try to suggest you comb them out.

Editors note: – I have decided against giving you a picture of the little critters, we all know what they look like! Instead, I have given you a nice calming picture of yoga, help out your sanity.