GDPR – What is it & How Does it Impact You?

You may have noticed that your inbox is slowly filling with marketing requests asking you to confirm that you’d like to hear from different companies and if you want them, what you’d actually like to receive in those emails… yes that means you’ll also be receiving a couple of requests from Educational Life CIC regarding your GDPR too. 

This may seem a bit frustrating but there is a reason for it. You may have signed up to hear from these people but we can guarantee that there will be others that you absolutely did not agree to receive regular emails from.

Simply, it is because GDPR [General Data Protection Regulator] is taking effect on Friday 25th May 2018 and if you have not given people your consent by then, then you will not hear from them anymore* and your data will be deleted from their records. 

That’s right it’s not all thanks to Facebook falling flat on their face, but their mistake does prove why GDPR is so important. Noone’s personal information should be violated, sold or used without the owner’s permission. Ethics is coming into play and it’s about time. Right?

What is GDPR?

As the digital age has progressed so has the way that companies use our personal information. Unfortunately, with this has come the subsequent misuse of our data. This legislation is a way for individuals to have more control over their information and how it can be used by companies for marketing purposes. 

  • GDPR means ‘General Data Protection Regulator’ and the new changes are being implemented globally. In the EU the rules are being implemented by the Information Commission’s Office [ICO.]

For the first time in 20 years, the EU are introducing landmark changes to ensure that everybody [aged 13+] has the right to avoid spam emails and cold calls. Basically, if you buy something, companies cannot just use your details to send you things [emails, letters, text messages, phone calls] because they have that information – that is now an abuse of your information. You have to agree for those things to be sent to you. Hooorraaaahhhh! 

There is a font of information about GDPR and what is involved in it, we cannot hope to share it all with you in one post (without boring you to tears) or any better than the ICO website does, but we’re hoping to simplify some of the information for you.

What Rights Will You Have?


  1. To choose whether you can be contacted by a company
  2. To choose what information you want to receive from that company
  3. To request [in writing] a company destroy all stored data cleared about you. 
  4. Clarity – the omission of information is no longer acceptable.
  5. To have a choice about your personal information!

This is a huge step for data protection and one that has the majority of people sighing with relief!

Do I have to do Anything? 

If you enjoy reading newsletters, blogs and hearing from your favourite brands, pop stars etc then you need to:

  • Complete the form they’ve sent you. Choose what information you would like to receive from them. It may take a minute or so but it will stop you receiving things you’re simply not interested in! 

For this consent to be given fully you will be given clear options like:

  • Remove your personal contact information from social media, company websites and anywhere in the public domain. If it is visible in the public forum then companies can claim they have ‘legitimate’ reasons to contact you because your information is not private. They have not obtained it unethically.


  • If you don’t want to hear from them again just ignore the email and they should delete your information. To ensure there is no confusion, please respond telling them to delete your information.

What Will Happen to Companies Who Don’t Comply?

Let’s be honest here, GDPR is going to cause companies a lot of work until it is fully in place and has had some time to settle. However, it is positive. It allows you as consumers to take note of companies who care about their relationships with you and take your thoughts, feelings, opinions and right to privacy seriously. 

In time, if you are receiving marketing emails from people and you have not consented to it then you can report them to the ICO. The ICO. will then investigate the company and their GDPR compliance. At this point, the company would have to notify all of their followers and supporters that they may have committed a data breach and therefore breached their trust. Yep, it is that serious. 

Companies who cannot evidence that they have implemented steps to ensure that they have permission to use and save data, store information safely and destroy it completely will be fined for their misconduct. Depending on the size of the organisation, the damage to their credibility and the fine could cripple them. This is why we have to have GDPR compliance documents with our policies included. 

The same policies should be easy to read, access and displayed on their website. 


Educational Life CIC will be sending all of our followers two emails very shortly.

The first email/letter with the options listed above and the next to follow up if we have not received a response before the 25th May 2018, to politely remind you to let us know.

If you’d like to let us know right away please save the picture above and email us via [email protected] to let us know which options you would like.

You can unsubscribe from us at any time.



* The caveat to this is if your information is in the public domain. If your contact details are listed on a website, social media or business card then your details can still be used.

If you would like any more information about GDPR and what it means to you please visit:

If you are looking for training on GDPR, the team here at Educational Life attended multiple sessions at Business Computer Solutions to raise awareness and answer questions; as you can see, we found the sessions very beneficial and can recommend them.