Fresh and Focussed Learning

Tailor-made learning is to replace the national curriculum at Newington Community primary School in Ramsgate. During the coming months, the platform for education will become bespoke to better suit the needs of each child.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes explained:

“For years we have matched what we deliver to dovetail with individual needs and this has been very successful. Now we are broadening our scope and becoming more innovative in how we teach. Our staff has the expertise, professionalism, dedication and passion for us to write our own curriculum. This is underway with a fresh and focussed learning pattern being introduced.”

The school believes that it can serve the needs of its pupils better through the bespoke system across the spectrum including Maths, Literacy and Humanities subjects.

Mr Stokes added:

“We see the children grow and develop their education from a very early age in Nursery class through to Year 6 when they leave us for secondary education. The new system means that we can better target the learning we deliver because it is entirely based on the specific needs of Newington children.”

Targeted ‘experience learning’ will also play a large part of the Newington curriculum with pupils reinforcing what they learn in class with more educational visits.

For example, children recently visited historic Leeds Castle in Kent as part of their learning experience in History.

Mr Stokes said:

“They gain such worthwhile information on learning visits and it reinforces what they learn in class – in this case they can visualise for themselves the size and majesty of an important castle, see the rooms where people lived, and even try on costumes related to the period they are learning about. It is a very important aspect of our learning at Newington and something that we are factoring in as an important element of the new curriculum.”

Thank you for your news story, Newington Community Primary School! It’s great to see that you are benefiting from the school trips to emphasise things you learn in class and we look forward to sharing your journey with you.