Throughout January to March, Year One from St. Ethelberts School have been going to Forest School. This has given them a chance to learn outside their classroom, to help them grow up and to increase their independence.

On the 27th of February, two reporters Maja and Joanna , travelled to Quex Park to ask questions. They asked questions to the children who participated in Forest School. They interviewed the children, who participated in Forest School, about their favourite activities, here is what they replied:

“Having a campfire, we had to toast marshmallows!” ( Ruby-May)

“We went to the farm and saw animals.” (Fabby)

“The fire bread, we toasted fire bread and eat it whilst it was warm.” (Toby)







In Forest School there are many activities that children can assimilate from, but they can still have heaps of fun. For example: building bridges with wood, constructing items and toasting food above a campfire.

Their opinion is that Forest School is a brilliant idea because it motivates children to learn. Also Forest School inspired Year 1 from St. Ethelberts School to write. In conclusion they think that everyone should receive a chance to try Forest School!

Reported by: Maja and Joanna