Fotball report of 1st in Thanet Super Saturday!


It was Saturday 13th October, unlucky for some – not us. Our feet brushed on the forest green grass as we were proud to be wearing the Drapers Mills kit. A big thanks to Mr Smith head of P.E for supporting us and being a vital team member and Mo and Mr Comber for driving the mini bus. A quick shout out to Premier League for designing our kits, they look brilliant!

So in are first group stage we had:

St Saviours;

Chilton girls;

Holy Trinity;

Palm bay

First, we had St Saviours, through determination and teamwork we scored 2 brilliant goals and kept a clean sheet. Continuing on, it was an easy 4:0 win against Chilton girls but we went for passing and creating chances as our main objective. Next, in group 1 we were against Holy Trinity Ramsgate, with hard work and supporting each other we snatched a 1:0 win!  

Finally, we had Palm Bay our hardest game, luckily we kept it 0:0 and we completed the first group without a loss and finished top of the table.

This meant we were entered into the top group (the top 5 teams in all of the 7 groups).

In this champion’s group we had:

Upton 1;

Upton 2;


Palm Bay

These were our toughest matches yet…

First we had Upton 1, we were all gob smacked with a surprising  1:0 win to us. After 2 matches off for rest we were fresh and got a fantastic 2:0 win against Upton 2 and we were absolutely astonished – our jaws dropped and dangled. With our heads up high we went into our 3rd match and an unfortunate rebound own goal that lost us the match a 1:0, devastation! With a poor defeat we went into our 4th and final match and kept it another boring 0:0 draw. This left us joint top but we won on goal difference and head to head. After all the matches, we sat down for the results and with our fingers crossed we heard the results and won!  We haven’t stopped smiling since.

By Raymond and Archie

Did you like the pictures?

We all went home with smiles on our face’s victorious!


Well done to Drapers Mills for winning the trophy! We are super proud of your hard work and look forward to seeing what you can achieve. If you would like to share your story, email [email protected]