Greg Foot walks into Laleham Gap and stuns pupils!

Yesterday (20th June) world-famous TV Science presenter, Greg Foot (of Blue Planet 2 and YouTube fame) wowed the pupils of Ramsgate school, Laleham Gap.

Greg came to the school as part of the national “Great Science Share.” This is a campaign to get Scientists and Science leaders and celebrities sharing best practice for education.

Greg spoke to an audience of Primary and Secondary pupils (Year 5 – Year 10) about his “Event Lab.” Event Lab was his Himalayan expedition with a BBC team and fellow presenters, carrying out various experiments (mainly on themselves!), many of which are shaping cutting-edge thinking.

The children were so engaged as he showed them the thick insulating clothes he needed at Everest’s base camp and even higher. They were stunned (via a video) to see that at altitude even eating bread was a challenge!


Greg holding Everest – Copyright Greg Foot

Greg was particularly keen to explain that “Science is not just about wearing a white coat and working in a lab. Often it’s about exploring the world, and is having real benefits to our daily lives.” One of the experiments his team did at altitude actually demonstrated the benefits of beetroot juice for opening up capillaries to assist with the transportation of Oxygen. He explained that this is not just a benefit for mountain climbers but for many individuals, even top athletes. Someone like Mo Farah could benefit from this too!


As the session finished, Greg commented,

“I was really pleased to come to Laleham Gap today. I got into Science because of two inspirational school science teachers and ended up at Cambridge University and then travelling the world. I do like to give back and to see the interest and listen to the amazing questions today shows it is all worthwhile.”

Joshua Payne, Primary Science Lead for Laleham Gap school, said:

“I invited Greg in, having seen one of his shows recently. I knew he would inspire the children here – and he didn’t disappoint. Actually it was a privilege to have him in and see the way the children responded to him.”

Shaun O’Brien, Head of secondary Science at the school added:

“Whilst we do great science here day in day out it is great to have Greg doing things like this. It does make it real and it does inspire. It really adds to the Science we are teaching and the children loved it. It’s ideal for learning.”

Thank you, Laleham Gap School for sending us this very inspiring article about Greg Foot visiting your school. We can imagine the goosebumps you had listening to his adventure and the science involved in Greg’s project. Climbing up to Everest Base Camp in Nepal is just incredible. It’s a challenge on the body and the mind because of the extreme conditions and changes in altitude. Very few people achieve it and others hold it as a dream forever, others hope to reach the summit one day but it is very, very dangerous – which we’re sure Greg explained to you. 

We’re fascinated to know what the purpose of Greg’s project at Everest Base Camp was and what each of your learnt from his findings.