18th June 2017 saw a very special fundraising event take place on Chartham Field, Canterbury in loving memory of Florence Brockman. It was a beautiful sunny day and lots of families went along and had a terrific time.

A staggering £4000 was raised and shared between Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House & Demelza House Children’s Hospice to say thank you for all of their help they gave to Florence and her parents, Jack & Bianca.

The day was a real community event suitable for the whole family and had lots of attractions for all ages. It became a much bigger event than Bianca and Jack had hoped, all thanks to family, friends and local businesses all offering their support and time.

It was a beautiful day and all of Florence’s family wore their t-shirts with pride so that people could ask them questions and show their support. Their open hearts and willingness to make a difference through their grief is admirable and we are more than happy to support them.

Our favourite attraction was the mini beast tent where you could see and hold spiders and reptiles… not for the faint hearted!

We also loved the handmade Peppa Pig board where you could throw soggy sponges at people! It made us laugh a lot and seemed very popular (particularly with people with good aim!)

Florence’s Grandad, Steve Davies, took part in a charity head, back and chest wax and was a great sport, only wincing a few times throughout the process. A huge thank you to Kayleigh Fowler, for volunteering to be the qualified beautician to wax Steve – and what a wonderful job she did too! 

People were able to tear off a strip themselves for a donation and Steve was more than happy for this – despite the pain.

The day kicked off with a football tournament at 10 am, with Team Florence emerging the victors after a very competitive and entertaining morning. Our hats go off to every player who took part, it was an incredibly hot day to be playing and every one of them did Florence and her family proud.

Team Florence won a trophy and celebrated like the champions they’d proven themselves to be…




Thank you for having us, Bianca & Jack – we were honoured to share your day with you and remember Florence whilst raising awareness.




Florence’s Story

(From Jack’s Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Jack-Brockman24?utm_id=13

On 15/12/16 our darling Florence was born in the hospital birth centre at St Thomas Hospital. She was soon rushed down to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit part of the (Evelina Children’s Hospital). There she was cared for by the amazing consultants, doctors and nurses.

Florence was born with congenital defects. Including 2 holes in her heart, coarctation of her aorta, only one lung and only one kidney. At 4 days old we then discovered that Florence had a life threatening air way, she had long tracheal stenosis. This means that over half of her trachea was extremely narrow (1.6mm), it’s effectively like you or I breathing through a very narrow straw.

Florence proved a lot of professionals wrong, they couldn’t understand how she was alive. Florence’s life was certainly a rollercoaster for her, myself and my partner (Bianca). Starting with Bianca’s 20-week scan when we first found out there was complications with Florence’s anatomy. Since then the Evelina staff have been incredible.

Florence fell asleep on 14.03.17 at the Demelza house children’s hospice, she fought and fought until enough was enough. She was and always will be our inspiration.


Jack and Bianca are hosting another fundraising day in Florence’s memory on 11th November 2017 called Winter Wonderland. The location is to be confirmed but please follow their Facebook page for more information. https://www.facebook.com/events/105106886711339/?ti=icl

We’ll see you there.