Film curators of cultural cinema have historically struggled to engage teenage film buffs and twenty somethings and the internet and the multiplex have reaped the benefits. But no more!

Welcome to the SE Young Film Programmers’ Network.

You are part of the rising tide of young film programmer groups across the UK who are going behind-the-scenes of the cinema exhibition industry and getting their voices heard and who are being empowered to research, plan and deliver their own screenings, events and festivals. 

Young Film Programmers is an exciting new approach to building the next cinephile generation of the future and empowers young people to be part of this change! We want to work in partnership with venues to break down the barriers between young audiences and cultural cinema. 

Currently 42% of the cinema-going public is under 24 but they don’t tend to engage in a wide range of films – instead they go to see blockbusters at the local multiplex. Our aim is to harness these huge numbers of young people through Young Film Programmers’ Groups and encourage young people to deliver screenings to their own peer group and so steer them towards independent and cultural cinema venues across the South East. 

The ownership of the programme belongs to you and the young people themselves. We will support you and provide resources, training and support for you to develop your own unique and authentic programme that works for you. This is a long-term investment in developing your young audience, so you will need to prepared for the bumps and risks along the way, as well as the gains. Good luck. It’s an exciting journey ahead…



5 – 10 young people make up a programming team to plan,

market and deliver public cinema screenings as part of a YP strand

Film screenings for young people (British, World, Classic, Youth)

Can be straight screenings, music/film events, season, festival – you choose and programme what you think 16 – 25 year olds would like to come and see and you build your audience

30 or more paying cinemagoers to each event, marketing through Instagram, Facebook, word-of-mouth and/or flyers – to cover your running costs and at least break even.

E-mail [email protected]  for more information or print and fill out the form below!