Father Christmas Teaches Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop The Meaning of Christmas

Father Christmas had heard that our resident story-teller, Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop did not understand Christmas because it is her first one here on Earth.

November was a special month here at Educational Life because we had an extra special guest pay us a visit.

Now, this just would not do! So Father Christmas took time out of his busy schedule to pop in and have a chat and answer Eleanora’s questions.

E: What does Christmas mean?

FC:  Christmas means a time of giving a small gift or something you’ve made with love and trying to make someone else’s life a little better, someone who is worse off than you are. As long as you can do that you’ve celebrated Christmas.

E: That sounds beautiful and very important. Is it a very important time of year?

FC: Yes because it is the occasion to MAKE time for others, to share and to show your love for other people.

E: As someone who has never experienced Christmas, what can I do to get involved?

FC: At Christmas time if you can make one smile then you’ve made a difference. Join them in smiling, make someone happy and take away their worries, for even a short spell you’ve spread love and kindness. Joy is infectious!

E: It certainly is. It makes me think of that song “When you’re smiling! The whole world smiles with you”

FC: Precisely!

E: You’re so busy at this time of year! Do you have helpers?

FC: Oh I have lots of helpers! 

E: You’re very wrapped up, Father Christmas – are you based somewhere cold?

FC: I suppose I am… the snow is very cold…

E: It’s snowy where you are?!

FC: It’s always snowing in the North Pole and of course, the reindeers love the snow

E: Reindeers?! You have reindeers!

FC: Yes I couldn’t make my deliveries without my reindeers!

E: Do you have a favourite?

FC: Everybody has a favourite…Rudolph because he’s the cheeky one, he’s the one who gets us into trouble – he wants to go that way when we’re going this way, up when we’re going down, around the moon just for fun…even when you don’t want to! He is so excited and loving – there isn’t a wicked bone in his body. 

E: Does he try to sneak in and sleep at the foot of your bed at night?

FC: No! Mrs Christmas would not allow that! I do need my rest otherwise I’d be too tired to make the deliveries.

E: Are you allowed to tell me? How do you get in to make the deliveries? Is it fairy dust from Fairy Nuff?

FC: It’s magic! Magic wouldn’t be magic if I told you how it worked.

E: Have you ever got stuck in a chimney?

FC: Oh yes! Quite a few times… a few too many mince pies… you understand! 

E: There are lots of pretty decorations, lights and trees. You’ve taught me that Christmas is about people but is the North Pole decorated all year around?

FC: Oh goodness! I don’t stay there all year – I travel around the world. I listen and check whether people are being good. I actually don’t like the cold much!

E: Does it really matter if the children have been well behaved?

FC: To a certain extent yes. If they have been naughty then their behaviour affects others and not just themselves and we cannot reward that, but if they are good in their heart and they are kind to others then it can make up for it. Everyone can make mistakes, it is how you make it better that matters. Good manners, gratitude, love and kindness make the difference. 


E: Do you, the helpers, Mrs Christmas and the elves get presents too?


FC: Oh yes! We have a big party and exchange gifts, play board games and have fun!

E: Do you have an advent calendar?


E: Do you eat Brussel Sprouts?

FC: I really like them, but I do not like carrots. I eat them because Mrs Christmas tells me too but I give the majority to the reindeers…they love carrots!

E: Chocolate or Gingerbread?

FC: I like my gingerbread. I love my chocolate. Not too much otherwise I get a tummy ache! Gingerbread because it’s a Christmas tradition.

E: Ok… Gingerbread or Christmas Cake?

FC: I’m sorry but there’s absolutely no way I could choose gingerbread over Christmass Cake! It is very important to me and I love it. 

Father Christmas had to get back to work so left after a quick chocolate and a great big hug but Eleanora had a little bit of time to chat with us.

“Wow! Father Christmas was as jolly as I’d heard he was and soooo kind! I really felt like I mattered and I’m going to leave here and make sure I do everything he advised – random acts of kindness show that you care about people and it makes them smile. I can certainly see why Christmas is such an important time of year. I can’t wait to receive my letters from the children to tell me what they’ve been up to make other people smile!”