The joint council of Viking Academy Trust pupils from Upton Junior, Chilton Primary and Ramsgate Arts Primary have been on an educational fact-finding tour.

The representatives toured Chilton Primary at Ramsgate in small groups, armed with clipboards and taking notes of what they really liked about the school, what they felt would benefit the other schools, and what they thought could be improved.

Trust Executive Head Teacher Michaela Lewis briefed the delegates in a mini-conference

before they set off. She said: “This is the first joint school council meeting of this school year and it will build on the success of the initial meeting we had in July at Upton which was very positive for pupils and staff.

“Your learning walk will take in all aspects of school life, in the classrooms, corridors and outside.”

The teams discussed a variety of topics on their mini-tour, and at a debriefing they raised numerous points including displays and signs, international primary curriculum topics entry and exit points, classroom and corridor size, water drinking fountains, playground equipment, trained pupil mediators, whiteboards, inspirational quotes on school walls, hand sanitizer dispensers, and a ‘success selfie’ board.

Mrs Lewis said: “The delegates did a fantastic job. They take their roles very seriously and came up with a whole range of positive observations that staff at each school will consider.

“It is important for us to see our schools through their eyes. They have a very clear idea what they as young learners like and want. It gives them a voice and endorses their ownership of their school.

“The joint council is creating a very strong bond between the Trust schools which is also important. Myself and the teachers involved were very impressed with their behaviour during the learning walk and the respect they showed to pupils and staff who were working.”

The joint council meets three times a year – the next session is at Ramsgate Arts Primary in the New Year.