‘ROC’ (Redeeming Our Communities) are a National Organisation with an interest and passion for bringing communities together and  providing a framework for existing Community Groups to better work together to achieve their common goals.

ROC’s main aim is to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships between statutory agencies, voluntary groups and churches. These partnerships form new volunteer-led projects that address a variety of social needs. ROC have over 120 active partnership projects, and many more at the planning and enquiry stage, meeting a variety of social needs.

In September, over 150 local people from a wide range of community groups met with Councillors, Youth Leaders and representatives from our Emergency Services and TDC at the Global Generation Church to hear a presentation from ROC Officials. The presentation detailed the ROC mission and philosophy and introduced how this could be beneficial for Thanet.

A Q&A session followed, input from the ‘floor’ was encouraged and two main areas of focus were chosen as local priorities …

  • Local Youth Provision
  • Isolation and Loneliness amongst Elderly

Since this initial engagement meeting with ROC, Educational Life have attended one further local meeting and have joined a smaller sub-group which will be focusing on engagement with the two main areas detailed above.

Along with members of other local community groups and professional bodies, we hope to be able to really help local people affected by the issues that have been highlighted. We intend to do this through continued involvement and engagement with the ROC group as well as by doing what we do best … providing a platform to share good news and positive stories to the wider Thanet Community and beyond. We are all incredibly proud to be forging partnerships with such fantastic local organisations and have high hopes for the future.

The next ‘ROC Thanet’ group meeting will be held next week. We are looking forward to hearing from the other group members and seeing how we can move forward to make Thanet a better, safer and more inclusive place to live.

If you would like to know more about ‘ROC’, please take a look at their website by clicking on the following link … https://roc.uk.com/