Broadstairs Folk Week has always been close to my heart, in my lifetime I have only ever missed 1, whilst away on holiday.

Even when my youngest son was born on the Monday of Folk Week 5 years ago I was there right up until the Sunday afternoon and back on the Wednesday son in tow to enjoy Folking it as we affectionally call it!

Imagine my delight when we got the opportunity as Educational Life to take part in so many family events across the week this year! We really got into the whole atmosphere, and had a truly fantastic week, from my 5-year-old son to my 80-year-old father there was something for us all to do.

As usual, we attended Hobby Horse club every day and took part in each day’s theme, note to self, work out how to make a paper boat ready for next year and do not put the Christmas jumpers into storage. The craft tent as always was beelined by my children hunting out their favourite stalls from previous years and getting excited about various wares, some of which were not food, which if you knew my family would understand how surprising that is. Attended the afternoon and evening shows at the Bandstand, enjoyed the Morris dancing and the groups around the streets, we even got to join in with Ginny and her Motley Crew.

Our full involvement started on the very first evening when we ventured up to the camp site, I have never been up there before, but it is ever so well equipped and friendly, next year I want to camp! Up at the camps, we took part in the crafty kid’s activity, helping with the banner and decorating umbrellas, the volunteers were fantastic and we had a whale of a time, we knew then that this was going to be a great week. During the week, we learnt how to Morris dance, took part in the parade, learnt how to sing, joined in with songs from the seas, danced in the Ceilidh, learnt Magic tricks, played percussion instruments, painted and crafted, tried out a drum and an accordion, sang some more, danced some more, listened and took part in some fabulous music, and all in all had a fantastic week.

All the children enjoyed each opportunity that was given to them, my nieces argued over who was going to take them to sing with Granny’s Attic, apparently, there is some attraction there. I have a new-found respect for Morris Dancers, who needs the gym! Inhibitions were forgotten when the music started and we sang and danced to our heart’s content.

This fabulous event that offers something for every member of the family, is a true English family experience and just goes from strength to strength.  An event that is truly taken to people’s hearts, you just have to look at the cards, gifts and kind words Mick Scott got when he announced his retirement from the Hobby horse club, whoever replaces him has a hard act to follow but you know they will succeed.

I already have next year’s date in the diary another year not to be missed and I urge you not to miss it either. After doing it from a distance for so many years, heed my advice and get yourself fully involved, throw off those inhibitions, sign up to some workshops get out there and dance and sing, I promise you, you will love it, and if I can do it I know you can too…….


See you next year!