At Educational Life, we all understand the importance of reading, especially at a young age. One of our Young Reporters, Sophie, has just sent us a book review from a story she has read recently. We hope you enjoy it.


Daisy and the Trouble With Piggy Banks

When Daisy’s best friend Gaby gets a new scooter Daisy wants one too.

This is a funny book about Daisy trying to get £99.99 so she can buy herself a scooter just like Gaby’s. But things keep going wrong Daisy says “The trouble with” when something is going to go wrong it happens a lot.

My favourite part was when Daisy hoovered up the orange because she was waving it around how silly and funny is that.

The book was quite long with 23 chapters it is the longest book I have ever read.

I would recommend this book because it looks like a grown ups book but it’s writing is big and has lots of good pictures.

I kept wanting to read the next chapter to find out what happened next!

Sophie aged 5 (with some prompts from mummy)


Thank you so much for sending us this review, Sophie. We are glad you liked this book

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