Our Mascot, Eddie, was in for a real treat on Sunday when I took him over to Herne Bay for their annual Sci-Fi By The Sea event.

Both myself and Eddie are huge Sci-Fi fans and this fantastic celebration of all things Science Fiction, set in the spacious grounds of Herne Bay Junior School, certainly lived up to our expectations.

Despite the fact that this hugely popular event is now in its sixth year, neither Eddie nor I had visited before, so we really weren’t prepared for just how good the day was going to be.

At under 10 weeks old, we reckon little Ollie was the youngest fan at the event

As we arrived we were greeted by the security team … a mixture of Stormtroopers, Sith Lords and members of the Galactic Empire’s hierarchy. As menacing as they appeared, they were all rather friendly as they greeted the visitors and happily posed for photos.

This friendly, engaging atmosphere was apparent throughout the event. As we walked around, a seemingly endless number of heroes and villain from the Movie, TV and Comic Worlds stopped for a chat and posed with Eddie and attending families for photos.

This wasn’t just a local event either … we spoke with a number of families who had travelled from London and beyond to see their favourite characters.

As family activities go, this one ticked all the boxes. The range of people present demonstrated just how inclusive the event was. From genuine, hardcore Sci-Fi fans to young children hoping to catch a glimpse of their movie heroes, there really was something for everyone. There was even a stage area where our friends from HyperActive 80s performed throughout the afternoon in between the fantastic Robot demonstrations.

Both myself and Eddie were quite impressed that we pretty much knew all of the characters there (that kind of makes us ‘experts’, doesn’t it) and we fully embraced our ‘inner nerds’ as we dashed from one to another with every bit as much enthusiasm as the children that surrounded us.

Seems like a nice, friendly chap, despite what you may have heard

Everyone we spoke to told us how great they thought the event was and how much they were enjoying themselves.

Eddie proved quite a hit, too, giving us a great opportunity to engage directly with many of the families that were attending. I lost count of the number of times I heard an excited “There’s an Elephant” as we walked around. Some of the younger children there even recognised Eddie from other events we’d attended over the past few months and popped over to say ‘Hello’.

Both Eddie and I are really pleased we went to ‘Sci-Fi By The Sea’ and are looking forward to next year’s event.

We would like to thank the organisers for inviting us over and congratulate everyone involved for hosting such a fantastic family event … well done.

Please take a look through our gallery from the event and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be interested.

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