There are a few ways that you can support Educational Life CIC and we are grateful for anything you can spare.

Educational Life CIC is a platform for local community groups and schools to celebrate their good news and share information beneficial to local residents.

The good news is shared via our constantly updated website and our free magazine. The magazine is released 7 times a year, (before each school holiday and another at the start of the school year.)

Articles and features are purely positive and written to inspire change through education – by providing unbiased facts from those qualified to share their knowledge and experience to enable people to make informed decisions and expand their opportunities or just make life easier on a day to day basis.

We are a CIC (Community Interest Company) which means we are a not-for-profit organisation. That’s right, every penny we make is reinvested into helping the community. The magazine is free but is funded by selling advertising and sponsorship packages.

Services We Offer Our Communities Free Of Charge

1. Celebrating Your Good News – Send us your press releases or invite us to report on your community event and we will publish these via our website, social media and (if space allows) in the magazine!

2. Sharing Beneficial Articles – Do you have information that would be helpful to local people? We offer editorial space to share this as a gift to people. This means that you cannot advertise your business but use the space as a forum to educate people and keep them up to date.

3.Young Reporters – A safe way for our young people to share their views, experiences and creative work whilst feeling valued. We want to hear from our young people. Articles and work can be submitted via multimedia and will be shared in the Young Reporters section of the magazine or on our website.

There are opportunities to earn Learning Credits from Kent Children’s University*, gain work experience with us and formal references for higher education or employment applications.


4. Story Time – Every Friday Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop records a story and shares it via YouTube and social media. This ensures that every little one has a story read aloud to them. If you’d like to follow along, please borrow a copy of the book from your local library.

5. Puzzles and Competitions – Each edition of the magazine has a Let’s Play! section which includes jokes, puzzles and competitions.

6. What’s On – If your event is free of charge for the community, we will list it for free!

Donation Goals

1. Sponsorship of a Community Page in the magazine = £1680 – This would allow our local groups and charities to have somewhere they can advertise events and what they do for free. We would love to offer this, but at the moment we just cannot do this as we rely so heavily on our advertising space to complete our work.
2. Eco Friendly and FSC Approved printing = £7000 – This is very expensive and we are looking for grant funding to enable us to do this as it is so important to look after the earth we live on and to be socially responsible. At the moment, each edition of the magazine costs just under £4500 to print and then distribute. To become FSC approved whilst maintaining the quality of the magazine is very expensive.
3. A New Office Printer = £500 – This is self-explanatory. The one we have at the moment is on it’s last legs and has bits hanging off of it. The quality of the print is woeful but it does the job for now. A new printer would allow us to be more economical with our printing and print on a variety of sizes – saving us money in terms of marketing.

Ways You Can Help Us

  • Donations – These provide an additional income which allow us to create new projects for our community to engage in; to replace broken equipment and develop the magazine to be inline with important ethical guidelines.



  • Buy your Thanet Community Lotto tickets through us. For every line sold 50p is donated to us. 






  • Advertising – Do you know a business looking to advertise? Are they dubious because many magazines lump adverts together? We don’t. We make the time to place them carefully where they can be read easily without detracting from them or the articles they are placed with. As a CIC our rates are much lower than our competitors because our goal is to support our community. We also offer referral cash-back incentives.
  • Sponsorship – Is there a page you feel should be included but isn’t? Is your organisation able to offer content for the page for each edition, which will be beneficial to the community?
  • If you use a service you’ve seen via Educational Life – please tell them!
  • Recycle us – once you’ve read the magazine, pass it on to someone before popping it in the recycling bin.
  • Share our posts via social media and the website – let’s get the good news out there, as far and as wide as possible!
  • What’s On – If your event is chargeable, pay to list it in our What’s On! It’s cheaper than you think…
  • Follow us on social media! Facebook Twitter YouTube G+ LinkedIn Instagram

Wow! That’s a lot of info… that’s a lot of services for the community…