We are delighted to present to you The Day The Titanic Sunk by Educational Life CIC Young Reporter, Maria.

It was a cloudy morning of April 1912. The 14th to be exact.Madeline Kent, a first class passenger onboard the Titanic, had only just woken up. As fast as she could, she got out of bed and started to get dressed – she had slept in again. Muttering under her breath, she rushed off for breakfast. She soon walked into a magnificent restaurant, with hand-carved chairs, diamond chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and some of the world’s richest people sitting at beautifully decorated tables. The Kent family sat among them, waiting for Madeline to come and join the dark, oak table they were sitting at. “Why are you late again? That’s the second time since we boarded the Titanic!” whispered Mrs Kent in to her daughter’s ear, as she sat down to join her family. There was a moment of silence before Mr Kent started a conversion about how important it is that Madeline should find a sensible gentleman to marry was soon as possible.
“When will someone finally bring me my breakfast?!” exclaimed Madeline the second a waiter walked by with a cup of tea for Mr JJ Astor, who was sitting close by. The waiter quickly gave the tea to Mr Astor, before turning to Madeline. “I’m sorry Miss, what would you like?” he asked in a strong french accent. Madeline snatched the brown breakfast menu, which was laying in the middle of their table and quickly scanned through it. Thinking quickly, she snapped at the waiter what she wanted for breakfast and said something about how the service was too slow and how he better hurry up.

Later that day, Madeline and her little brother, John, were walking around the crowded deck, looking for a place where he could play. Without warning, little John started running back to the luxury A La Carte restaurant, pulling his hand out of Madeline’s. “John!” she shouted after him, but it was too late; he was already lost in the enormous crowd…

Scared of facing her parents, Madeline desperately searched for John until she was so tired she could only just about stand up. She shouted his name so many times she could barely speak, but she continued to whisper it as she looked for him on the way to inform a member of staff to help look for him. She spent the whole day looking for him in smoking and dining rooms, restaurants all cafes she knew were on the ship and even found the courage to go down to second and first class, although she later regretted it bitterly. As she was slowly returning to her room, she rehearsed the speech she was going to tell her parents under her breath. What were they going to do? How were they going to react? How angry will they be with her? She was now standing in front of her cabin door. Gingerly, she put her hand up to the door, ready to knock on it and tell her parents what has happened. Before she had the chance to knock, her mother opened the door and threw her arms around her. “Madeline!” she exclaimed with tears in her eyes. “What were you thinking, coming home at 11?! Where have you been all this time! We were so worried! And… where is John?”. Madeline’s eyes started to water. “Oh mother, I’m so, so ,so sorry!” she croaked, bursting into tears. Mrs Kent pulled Madeline inside and sat her on her bed with a box of tissues. “Tell me the whole story. Everything that happened- in detail,” she said, trying to sound calm even though she wanted to cry her eyes out with worry.

It was midnight by the time Madeline finished telling her mother everything that had happened. They both were in tears when Mr Kent rushed back from the smoking room, with even worse news. He had a worried look on his face.“We’ve hit an iceberg,” he said calmly. “Put on as many layers of clothing as you can, your life jackets and were going up to the top deck. And don’t worry, it’s probably just an unexpected drill.” He took the life jackets off the top of the vast, hand carved closet and nervously looked around the room.“Wait…where’s John?” Mrs Kent quickly explained what had happened and helped Madeline zip up her second coat. Mr Kent pulled on a
thick coat and life jacket. “I’m going to look for him. It’ll be easier to find him when most of the passengers are up on deck,” he calmly said, walking out of the room. “And if it isn’t just a drill… don’t worry, just get on the lifeboats and get out of here. We’ll be fine.” He walked out of their cabin, feeling slightly scared- will he ever see his family again?
As soon as Mr Kent walked out of the room, a member of staff walked into the cabin, as the door was left open. “I am very sorry to worry you Madame, but I am afraid we have slight problems with the ship and the captain ordered for everyone to be evacuated. May you please put on your life jackets, lot’s of warm clothes and walk up to the top deck,” he said calmly and walked out.
Quickly, Mrs Kent took Madeline’s hand and they walked out of their luxurious cabin. All outside their cabin was filled with people attempting to get up on the top deck.The staff tried to keep everyone calm but it was all getting out of control. Passengers that locked themselves in for the night were refusing to open the door, staff was starting to panic as they couldn’t get everyone out and some passengers just started screaming at the staff to stop bothering them. You could hear some people were crying, while others were screaming for everyone to shut up it was just a drill. Wanting to get out of that chaos as soon as possible, Madeline and her mother rushed to the giant great staircase and hurried to the top deck. Suddenly, Capitan J Smith walked past shouting “Fire the first rocket!” to a crew member somewhere in the crowd. That’s the moment everyone realised it was serious and the real panic started. All the crew was shouting that woman and children should get on the lifeboats first. People started rushing to get to the nearest boat to them and before Madeline knew what was happening, her hand was torn out of her mother’s and she was swept away with the crowd. “Please get on, madame,” a crew member said, helping Madeline into a lifeboat before she had time to protest or look for her mother. “Lower it!” she heard someone shout and the boat started to lower. Panicking, Madeline looked around, desperately searching for her mother. She sighed with relief as, she spotted her being loaded onto lifeboat 13. The boat was lowered and soon both Madeline and her mother were safe, getting further and further from the Titanic. Slowly but surely, her eyes started to close and Madeline soon fell asleep.

It was morning when Madeline woke up. Looking around, she was horrified of what she saw. The RMS Titanic was gone, bodies were floating all around them, and lots the furniture was scattered around the water. A ship was sailing in their direction- they were saved! But then she saw a blue teddy bear floating on a boat made of a black top hat with gold lettering spelling Kent inside of it… They were gone…

by Maria