Charity Colour Run Champs

It was like running through a rainbow – that’s just what children felt after enjoying the first ever crazy Colour Run at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

Pupils were joined by brothers, sisters and parents and lined up at the start of the 90 minute event on the playing fields in bright white tops.

Within moments a cloudburst of colour rained down on them from air cannons at the start, with regular showers coming their way at colour stations around the course in the sponsored event.

The run was a kaleidoscope of charity kindness that raised more than £1000 for MacMillan Cancer Relief.

Runners of all ages laughed, ran, jogged, trotted and walked their way through the multi-coloured spectacle, becoming plastered in colourful gunk created from natural dyes and cornstarch.

Event organiser Deputy Head of School Dave Walker said:

“What a fantastic event. School should be about making memories and having fun as well as academia and everyone has said that they loved it so much that we might even do it again next year.”

The school raised money to hold the event through sponsorship and every child got a special colour run t-shirt and medal.

Upton Junior School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Chilton Primary School and Ramsgate Free School.

Thank you, Upton Junior School for this uplifting post! The Official Colour Run events have been taking place in the UK now, for some time and they are wonderful ways to raise money for worthwhile causes. It is terrific to see Upton taking the idea and utilising it for young people so they can fundraise whilst having a really good time! 

We can also see that some of you realised that if you get wet before the dyes hit your t-shirts the colour becomes brighter and has even more of an impact in photographs… just a top tip for those of you who may be running in the event for Pilgrims Hospice in October 😉