Could It Be Sepsis? A Simple Question That Could Save Lives

Caremark Thanet’s sepsis awareness conference was held in memory of Ellie Lunn

On Thursday 14 November, Caremark Thanet held a sepsis awareness conference. The conference was held in memory of Ellie Lunn (the daughter of Caremark Thanet’s Registered Manager, Kerry Hill) who tragically lost her life to sepsis at the age of just 11 months in 2015.

The conference was very well attended. Ellie’s heartbreaking story was told by Xana Welch, the Registered Manager of Caremark Dover. Gemma Rawling from the NHS Critical Care Outreach Team spoke about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of sepsis. Barbara Hall told her own moving, but an ultimately uplifting, story of how she survived sepsis –  three times. Rob Macer from the South East Ambulance Service explained how over the last 10 years the awareness, detection, and treatment of sepsis as improved enormously: medical professionals are now trained to “THINK SEPSIS”.

The facts and figures on sepsis make uncomfortable reading. It is estimated that there are 52,000 deaths from sepsis each year, a figure is greater than the number of deaths from bowel cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer combined. That’s about one death every five minutes. Around 25,000 children are affected by sepsis each year. It is estimated that about 25% of sepsis survivors are left living with life-changing conditions.

If there was one clear message that came from the conference it was, as The Sepsis Trust Advise: “just ask, could it be sepsis?”.  Asking that question of a medical professional if you suspect that someone might have sepsis could save his or her life.

Caremark Thanet, Ellie’s mother, Kerry, and her family want to raise awareness of this awful condition. Increased awareness will increase confidence to ask the question: could it be sepsis? Asking that question will save lives. Caremark Thanet, Kerry and her family intend to continue the campaign to raise public awareness of sepsis in Ellie’s memory.

If you would like more information, please contact Caremark Thanet on 01843 235910 and ask for Xana Welch