Award for Poppy Proms in the Park Event

Bradstow School have been awarded a grant of £9,300 from National Lottery Awards for All for their inclusive, interactive community event commemorating of World War I; to encourage special needs, mainstream young people and the community to learn together in an interactive and experiential manner.

The whole community are invited to the events which start at the Memorial Recreation Ground 1914-1918 (commonly known as the Memorial Ground) in Broadstairs on Saturday 10th November 2018, with a living history exhibit of life during 1914-1918 giving everyone a chance to recreate and experience life during the First World War. A life-size warhorse sculpture created during inclusive art workshops by Bradstow and other local schools will be on display. Work completed during the last four years of the project will also be exhibited.

Stories from the home front and beyond, giving specific detail to events in Broadstairs and St Peters, will be told using acting, dance, song and music. Innovative music workshops for Bradstow and local schools during the preceding months will provide some original pieces in amongst some old favourites. Players of the National Lottery have helped make these workshops and learning opportunities possible. The evening will be a free, collaborative event with local schools, dance companies, inclusive choirs, theatre groups and musicians, bringing all abilities together to bring the Poppy Proms to life, and showcase the previous months of learning.

On Sunday 11th November the Remembrance Day service will be held by the war memorial in town with all groups attending invited to join a reprise of the Poppy Proms at the Memorial Ground and visit the Living History exhibit, open until 3 pm.

The whole event will be free, but tickets will be required for the collaborative evening event on the Saturday and the reprise on the Sunday.

Bradstow School are also asking for sponsorship and volunteers from the community to connect varied groups who have never worked together before.

Thank you Bradstow School for hosting this event and securing funding, but also for bringing our community together to learn about an event which is so important to our history. We are looking forward to attending this event and are grateful that you have shared such positive and important news with us. Lest we forget…

Please take a look at this earlier article about the ‘Friendships and Fallouts’ event Bradstow School held previously to remember WWI and to teach the community about life in the trenches