The last week of term saw Banking Brilliance at Laleham Gap School. It was the culmination of 10workshops run by Abi Evans, Community Banker for Central Kent and the Kent coast for Nat West. The sessions, run to all year groups in Secondary, have included banking skills, budgeting for a party and explaining how fraud can be avoided.

Head of Maths, Briony Care said Laleham Gap always make maths as ‘real’ and ‘relevant’ as possible. She explained “It has been great to see the engagement of the pupils and seeing them develop an understanding of how a bank and banking works, how payments are made etc. It is clear they are becoming better prepared for using money well in the real world.”

All the pupils got a ‘goody bag’ and many have discussed money matters at home with several opting to set up bank accounts.

Abi from Nat West was amazed at the children saying “They have really taken on the learning. The children at Laleham Gap are such a delight. They make me smile every time I’m in. I love the way they are so confident and the school encourages their individuality. “

Abi also pointed out that the service she provides to schools is free ananyone interested can contact her on 07879 433935 or at [email protected]