The Aviva Community Fund Voting Opens Today!

Tuesday 24th October 2017 sees the opening of the annual, Aviva Community Fund. All local causes and charities have made the time to create their entry and have been approved by Aviva, but now it’s down to you – our community to help us win the funding.

This is the first year that Educational Life CIC have entered and we would be very grateful for your support – every vote count and everyone gets ten votes. You can split these across causes or use them all on a worthy cause of your choice.

We have applied for £1000 to put towards our literacy and creativity based projects: Young Reporters and Story Time with Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop. This money would enable us to purchase necessary tools and equipment for the projects and ensure that the work is reaching you via the Educational Life magazine and website! The whole point of our projects is to boost literacy and multimedia skills for our young people, to give them a voice and to ensure that their imaginations are sparked by sharing stories.

To vote for us please follow this link

Voting opens today at 09:00 and closes 21st November 2017.

About the Aviva Community Fund

We believe good projects come in all shapes and sizes. So the best way to support a variety of good causes is to let both large and small projects share the funding.

The Aviva Community Fund will finance over 500 projects across four different fund levels and four categories, giving our awards to communities throughout the UK.

If your project gets enough votes and wows our judges, it will be in with a chance of receiving those much-needed funds.

£1,000 funding level

In the £1,000 funding level, we’ll give the first 200 projects in any category to get 1,000 votes the funding they applied for.

After voting closes, the next 180 projects with the most votes across all categories will become finalists. Again, they’ll get the funding they applied for.

In the broker and adviser awards, we guarantee to give the first 15 projects to reach 1,000 votes the funding they applied for.  After voting closes, the next 15 projects with the most votes across all categories will become finalists and get the funding they applied for.

In all of these instances, the projects must pass our due diligence checks to receive the money. If they don’t pass the checks, we’ll have to turn down the application.  If this happens, we’ll give the funding to the project with the highest votes that didn’t make the finals as long as they pass the checks.

Your votes matter – every single vote could help us secure the funding and have the equipment we need to make the projects as good as possible.

Thank you!