The title SENCo is an abbreviation for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Children learn in different ways and can have different levels or kinds of SEN.

So, if your child has SEN, the school will increasingly step by step provide and bring in specialist expertise to help with the difficulties they may have.

All about the school SENCo.

The SENCo in your child’s school will have a day to day responsibility for the delivery of the SEN policy and coordinate the provision made for the individual children within the school, they will work closely with the school staff, parents and carers and other agencies.

There could be many reasons why a child may need extra provision in the school, this provision can also take many forms,

Children with general, specific and severe learning difficulties.

Children with Speech and Language difficulties.

Children with social, emotional or mental health needs.

Children with English as an Additional Language.

Children with medical needs and physical difficulties such as visual or hearing impairment.

Children with diagnosed needs such as ADHD and autism.

Children in Care.

Sometimes there are children that have complex needs and have a variety of professionals working with them. This can also incorporate needs at home, in these cases a team around the family is formed to ensure there is full support and communication.

Your child’s School SENCo will be seeing that all children with special needs are being helped appropriately, ensuring liaison with parents and other professionals.

If you have any worries about your child in school, whether it be to do with their learning, a difficulty such as speech and language, behaviour, emotional or social need, or any other concern then do not hesitate to make an appointment with your school SENCo for a more in-depth chat, they won’t mind they will welcome the opportunity to meet with you to work together as a team to support you and your family.

Kent’s Local offer is all about making it easier for people to find out about services available to 0-25-year olds with special educational needs and disabilities.

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