I felt a bit carsick after the journey from Ramsgate. I was trying to be merry because I was going to see my meerkat mates and I heard that we were going on an Easter Egg Hunt, which sounded very exciting. First we went to see the meerkats – they seemed quite interested and curious about me, maybe they thought I will be their friend.

Then I’ve spotted this gorgeous elegant red panda – her name was Mai Xlang and she was five years old. The keeper gave her some food. But for some reason she kept going up the tree. Maybe it was because it was raining and she was afraid of the rain. I could not believe that red panda was running away from food. Food is heaven for me, it is all I live for.

 After we left Mai Xlang, we started looking for Easter eggs. Suddenly I saw this sapphire ball, which turned out to be an egg. I also enjoyed looking at the tigers, I was a bit scared but also noticed that they looked sad. I felt sorry for them because they were put in a cage probably for life. In my opinion they don’t deserve this.

Finally, we started heading back. Then I saw some terrifying dinosaurs. I thought they were extinct, they died out millions of years ago. I was relieved to realise that they were fake but I must say they did look realistic. Maybe all these animals, including my meerkat mates, were not real at all!

What a great day I had at Wingham Animal Park!

By Nadia (age 8)


Thank you to Young Reporter, Nadia, for sending us this fantastic story.

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