Last week we were kindly given a family ticket to see A Christmas Carol at the Mercure Great Danes Hotel in Hollingbourne near Maidstone. It was by Chapterhouse Theatre Company. I was excited because we are learning about Christmas in the 19th Century in our home education and A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite Christmas stories.

When we got to the hotel there were decorations up which made it feel Christmassy. Everyone got a mince pie and a cup of tea or coffee. They were tasty. It was exciting and really hard to sit down because it was so Christmassy! The characters dressed in Victorian costumers were selling programmes but we didn’t buy one because Mum forgot to stop for cash on the way.

When the play started everything went dark. They were singing carols and it was exciting. Ebenezer Scrooge was so grumpy at the start that my little sister was a bit scared! He was my favourite character in the play because he was so funny. I thought the ghosts were quite cool how they did them. The Ghost of Christmas Present looked a lot bigger than all the other characters! It was amazing that only a few people were needed to act out the whole play when there are so many characters.

My favourite part of the whole play was the end, when Scrooge was kind and happy, Tiny Tim was dancing and everyone was dancing together and happy. It made me feel like Christmas!

By Young Reporter, Joshua

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