This term saw the end of an era for Laleham Gap School as Assistant Headteacher retired after over 29 years of incredible service. Not surprisingly the school marked the occasion with several fitting, fun and often moving activities.

Mrs Scobie is known above all for her kind heart  and, as Head of well-being, it was apposite that the last Monday of term she got the whole school to abandon lessons for a Well-being Day! During the day the puils still learnt. They learnt dance with a specialist teacher, sign language with an expert and ping pong with a coach. They potted plants and sung songs, played carrom and board games and joined in team building. With jewellery making and cooking the emphasise was on fun. For the more active there were regular mile runs throughout the day – so much so one teacher ran 11 miles!

Mrs Scobie paintballing!

The week ended in an uproarious yet incredibly moving assembly send off for Mrs Scobie – oh and a visit from an ice cream van for good measure!

Mrs Scobie is a lover of musicals and drama, particularly those involving her pupils. So Head of Key Stage 3, Mr Clements arranged for 4 pupils to sing her one of her favourite songs from Joseph – even changing the end to “Give her retirement – give her amazing retirement!” Alongside an emailed message of good wishes from world famous tenor Alfie Bow, Mrs Scobie received a gift and a book with words from every member staff and pupil (and many past people she has helped).

Modest Mrs Scobie did get to see all the things she had done over the years and hear herself described as the “Go to person” for pupils and staff alike when they needed a bit of advice or help, or even a mint!

Mrs Scobie loved the staff video of them all singing a Les Mis song. But emotions peaked when she had top turn and listen to solo singers, appearing like a flash mob, throughout the assembly with around 20 pupils singing about what she had given to the school.

Mrs Scobie trying out a unicycle!

Even with a few tears it was a beautiful and fitting send off for one of the greats of Laleham Gap School. In her last words to the school Mrs Scobie was able to say two things. Even given her enormous impact she said “I have got back so much more from this school and you lot than I have ever given.” And finally in a typical example of her generosity she was able to announce that, as a lover of ice cream, at break time an ice cream van would be arriving – and all pupils and staff could have the ice cream of their choice!

Mr Milton, Headteacher of the school, also added that:

“Mrs Scobie has really built the school around our new motto: Learn, Grow Succeed. The really special thing about her is that, whilst she has been so integral to this school, she has actually built a team around her that, even as she leaves, will very ably continue and build upon that ethos and the school will continue to thrive for its pupils and our community.”