Vinters Park Nature Reserve Brings Bank Holiday Joy

We visited Vinters Park Nature Reserve in Maidstone over the Bank Holiday weekend and it was amazing.

We were greeted by 6 goslings, 6 days old. Their protective parents were wary but surprisingly trusting. 

There were also 6 new ducklings being looked after by mummy, some moorhens with their chick’s well hidden in the rushes but we could hear the sweet ‘peep peeps’ coming from them.

Tadpoles (which could have been toadpoles – is that a word?) as far as the eye could see and we were even treated to a heron sighting.

We found egg shells from the ducks and geese and plenty of feathers in the woods for our nature journal. 

The opportunity for adventure and learning here is brilliant. We shall definitely be making an effort to return as soon as we can.

You may recognise from the pictures it’s Rose, your young reporter/vlogger! 

Thank you, Karen and Rose, for letting us know what a lovely time you had at Vinters Park, Maidstone over the May Bank Holiday weekend. Soaring temperatures and blue skies certainly make everything brighter and it is lovely to find out about what the park has to offer. When the sun is shining it is so much easier to notice things of natural beauty and here in Kent we certainly have a lot of opportunities to do this. We absolutely love the idea of a nature journal – what a terrific learning tool, to understand and acquaint ourselves with nature, develop respect for it and learn about it…after all, if you find something you need to research what it is!

If you’d like to visit Vinters Park, they have shared some very helpful information about feeding the ducks and what foods are suitable for them:

Vinters Valley Nature Reserve – Visitor Guidance – Feeding the ducks and their friends 

We all love feeding the ducks & the other wildfowl at Vinters.

To help ensure they get a more balanced diet here are a few tips on what is the best food you can feed them when you stop by the lake:

Food safe for ducks

    • Birdseed (any type or mix)
    • Chopped lettuce or other greens or salad mixes
    • Chopped vegetable trimmings or peels
    • Grapes (cut in half)
    • Frozen peas or corn (defrosted, no need to cook)
    • Rice (cooked or uncooked)
    • Cracked corn, wheat, barley, oats, or similar grains
    • Duck pellets
    • Earthworms or Mealworms

Food not so great for ducks

    • Bread / Crackers / biscuits / Crisps / Popcorn / Chips

(With thanks to the Canal & River Trust for this information)

If you’d like to share your experiences and adventures from the Bank Holiday weekend and recommend attractions, activities, and destinations to other people, please send your articles and photographs to [email protected] after all, word of mouth is THE best recommendation!