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“Warrior Cats – Fire and Ice” by Erin Hunter ….. a book Review by Young Reporter, Larisa (10)

“Warrior Cats – Fire and Ice” by Erin Hunter ….. a book Review by Young Reporter, Larisa (10)

The importance of reading at a young age is something we like to support at Educational Life. Young Reporter, Larisa, really enjoys reading and we are pleased to share her latest book review with you. Here is her review of “Warrior Cats – Fire and Ice” by Erin Hunter

I love dogs and horses but my sister is cat crazy, hence I thought I might try her likes and give this book a go. The fact that my sister loves cats helped me get used to the book. Once I had started, there was no turning back.

I found it interesting that Princess gave Cladkit (her son) to Fireheart because it is such an unusual thing to do – why would anyone give up their child for their brother? Adding to this, at points I didn’t know who to trust in the story, which made it very gripping. Apart from the amazing story, I did have my likes and dislikes (like every reader should have). I particularly didn’t like that everyone had some illness, it was a bit boring.

I was often surprised by things. However, at times I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Like the time when it was revealed who Brokenstar’s (the previous Shadow Clan Leader) real parents were.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves cats and action.

As there are more Warrior Cats books, I would be overjoyed to read them immediately because they are so intriguing. Adding to this, I would like to compliment the extraordinary vocabulary in this book. A joy to read!

Thank you for reading.

Larisa (10)

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