Educational Life CIC are an official cause in the Thanet Community Lotto

First draw is on Saturday 9th December at 20:00!

To purchase your tickets, please follow the link to our page, you will be redirected and this will show you our fundraising goals for the short and long term and how they will benefit our local community!

What is the Thanet Community Lotto?

Thanet Community Lotto is a weekly online lottery created to support local causes in Thanet. Tickets are only £1 per week! With 60% going to local good causes and prizes up to £25,000!

Why we need you to purchase your lottery tickets through us:

Educational Life CIC provides a much loved and valued service for the community. The magazine and website are vehicles to share your positive news and achievements with local people and to bring our community together.

The good news service and magazines are free to everyone and are regularly utilised by local schools, clubs, teams and community organisations.

We need your help so we can continue to offer and even expand our service, please! The 3 ways we are looking for support are:

1. Printing and Distribution: Each magazine costs £4000 to print and distribute. To cover the costs we offer paid advertising but this is a struggle. Following your feedback, people want a printed magazine but we need help to keep this going, please.

2. Young Reporters: for this project to continue after the 3 month pilot period so that our young people can continue to express themselves and share their reports. The annual cost of this is £8730 for the ad-free double page in the magazine, staffing cost and website maintenance.

3. An Apprentice: We currently only have 1 member of staff and heavily rely on volunteers and would like to look into taking on an apprentice to manage our website.

Thank you for your support and good luck!